Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Multiple Exposure Project: Vans Campaign '07

Proof Sheet '07

Catalog Tear Sheet '07

A Vans ad and catalog campaign shoot I did in 2007 involved a multiple exposure technique. This was a project where I used film and shot over the same piece of film three or four different times to create these images. Each time you take a photo you have to compensate your exposure from 2/3 to a 1/2 stop, depending on how much information you're overlaying the next shot onto. For example, if you're overlaying an image with a lot of detail and light, you need to compensate up to a 1/2 stop. In the daylight a good reference to go by is one full stop per exposure. If your exposure in the daylight was f. 16 @ 125 you would want to double expose it you would shoot at f. 22 @ 125 to get a proper exposure. In the studio it's a little different, but still the same principals.

 Shoot film. It's fun.

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