Sunday, May 30, 2010

wet plate collodin fun photo

  I had so much fun shooting this portrait of my friend Rusty Ockenden. I wanted to do something that matched is personality. He has this crazy hair and is down for what ever. I shoot a regular portrait of him and we were like lets make this crazy. He said I could take off my shirt and show my gap tooth. We were laughing the whole time. There is nothing better than when some one is down to have fun while you are shooting them. I showed this image to one of my other friends they thought it was a homeless person from Down Town Los Angeles. I said no that’s my friend rusty and just started laughing again.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wet plate collodin 8x10 camera

 These are from my third session with the wet plate collodion process. I finally got to use my 8x10 camera the results are insane. I’m so excited on the out come. If you look close you start to see all the in perfections that the beauty of the process. These are one of a kind images. Let see my cannon 5 D do this. Haha.

I'm slowly getting better at this. I still have to fine tune my work but I'm very happy with these photos.
Image#1: Austen Sweetin  8x10 wet plate collodin
Image#1: niko cioffi  8x10 wet plate collodin

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My first Wet Plate Collodin Photograph

   I have a started new photography process that has changed my life. Let me rephrase that it is actually a process from the 1800s. The process is called Wet Plate Collodin.  The way it works is you apply chemicals to a sheet of glass. While the glass is still wet you put it into a film holder and then in to a view camera. After you shoot your photo you have to develop it immediately.  One of the reasons I like this so much is I am working with my hands to produce a one of a king photograph. Once digital photography came it to my life I started spending hrs at the computer. I was working on images that did not exist. A digital image is a computer code basically 1sand 0s.This code can be manipulate over and over by all most any one who gets there hands on it. There is no tangible base. I never imagined I my self as a photographer working at a computer all day. When I started photography I use to work in the dark room making hand made images. It is the beautiful art form that I fell in love with in the beginning of my photography experiences. With this process I feel like I’m falling in love all over again. I’m so excited!!! 

This is a photo from my first session using the Wet Plate Collodin Process! My friend Jordon Thomas was one of my first subjects.