Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Polaroid Land Camera Thought Process

 The past 4-week I have take a brake from shooting in Los Angles. I was sent away on job to shoot an editorial piece in New Zealand I will post some photos soon. At this point I have so many photos that I cant even get too. I would say I have over 500 Polaroid’s that I need to scan. The moment I got back all I wanted to do was walk the streets out side my place. I have been wandering the street working out a new project in my head. I’m in the beginning stages of a new photo project involving Wet Plate Process. Between the chemistry, engineering and creative aspects im losing my mind. The only thing that seems to help I walking around and shooting photos. I guess im searching for inspiration.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polaroid Land Camera test shoot

 I have waiting to get this Polaroid Land camera for a long time. I got a bad one off e- bay and it took a year to straighten it out. The guy ripped me off so I just bought a new one. Now that I have this baby its on. I shot some tests yesterday and I’m stoked on it. I have to run I have a flight over seas today for work and I have not even packed. My mind is in the clouds. Hahaha…..

Monday, August 2, 2010

wet Plate Collodion standing still

 Have you ever stud on a crowded street or in a room and fell completely alone? That is what this photo symbolizes to me. With this process the exposure times are very long. This street was very busy when I shot this photo. There were 100s people on the streets cars driving buy. The only things that were captured were the ones standing still. For the most part this is how I feel. I’m surrounded buy people all the time it’s not that often that I connect with them. Sure there is lots of small talk for the most part it is all on the surface.  It appears that every one is so busy being trying to fill there day doing things so they are not alone. but they are so busy don’t have the time to really connect with people? It is easy do find some one to do something with what’s hard is finding is some one to do nothing with. 

Location: Los Angeles st, LA, Ca