Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #15

I met an amazing artist by chance the other day. It is funny how life works. My new friend Lorenzo Saicido is air brushing a picture on a six by ten foot canvas. This is one of the most impressive pieces I have seen. He has been working on it for a week straight.

Lorenzo is an underground artist from LA. It is just a matter of time before he blows up.
This is a peak at his work. I will show the hole thing when he is done. My friends and i sit around sit day after day in awe watching him create this work of art. It is like watching a modern day Picasso being created. I did not want to show to much because it not done. But I will just wait!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My 13th Transworld Cover

I when I started shooting snowboarding I never could have imagined having 13 Transworld covers! I'm Stoke I had the opportunity to work with Pat Moore This year. It is all ways nice to see your hard work pay off.
No only did pat get the cover but the he an amazing interview as well in this months Transworld. Pat is one of the most talented kids in snowboarding right now. In the years to come I'm sure we will see Pat develop in to one of the grates snowboarders off all times.
I would like to thank every one that helped make this happen.
Thank you,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art_walk_september_09 #3

This one raps up the portrait series that I was working on from the are walk. I gave a brief deception about each photo people all ways ask how i do it. I'm not the best righter but here we go.
What make this photo for me is her braces. I remember asking her if she would give me a half smile so I could see them but I wanted to keep it subtle. It gave the photo an innocent feeling.
This is an interesting one I remember looking at the black power tattoo on the arm while I was shooting him. I asked him to grab his hat so the tattoo would be visible in the photo with out asking it I could shoot it directly. I did not want the attention to be drawn to the tattoo. This photo is about him.
One of my friend asked this man if he want his photo taken he rolled up and I shoot this single image a he left. I don't think he was to stoked on the idea. I still like this one. There a strong felling there for sure.
I shot this women by here self I knew the photo were not turning out that well but i just keep shooting to try to get people comfortable. I told her I was stoked and asked he if she wanted to try some ting new. She brought her son and dog it brought the photo to life.
These guys were supper easy to shoot. I only took a few frames and I knew i had gotten what I wanted.
This is just a interesting one I'm not sure how it worked out. They just started doing stuff and I just shoot photos with no direction. Sometime you just have to let thing unfold and document it.
I was shooting this girl and her friend. The friend was uncomfortable and keep asking what should I do. I keep trying to direct her and it was not working. So I gave her my camera and said her you shot. I ran back and and jumped in the frame she shot a single image witch is this photo and we switched back. Every one starting laughing it changed the mood. I love how surprise she is.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #14

I always wonder what people are thinking when I shoot then. I think every one is mad in this photo. I love it! As I continue on my Los angles project some time I loose hope and feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. Yesterday day was a difficult day for me I had to push my self to get these few images.

I passed the ice cream lady 3 time before i shoot this. The second time I saw her I noticed the light coming through her hat . I turned around to catch up with here she was gone. I look for her for an hr. I get obsessed with images I see in my head and I cant let thing go in tell I capture them.

As I was looking for the ice cream lady I saw this lady selling magazines the light was amazing coming down on here face.

This is a behind the scenes look at a movie being filmed a block from my place. I was really impressed with the production of it. The had put sprinklers on the roof of the buildings to make it look like it was raining for three blocks.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art_walk_september_09 #2

Here are some more photos from the art walk. It amazes me how many diffident types of people filtered through my little photo booth. I want to Thank every one for letting me shoot them.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #13

After our first adventure into the LA river I knew that I would have to return and get some more shots of the actual river. In the process of shooting, this time I thought it would be my last shoot. While we were walking above the river through the darkness, two people emerged out of nowhere and started asking "were you from?" For those who don't know, they were asking what hood we were claming. I thought for sure that this was going to end is some kind of confrontation, either physical or I was losing my camera. They let us pass and we took off down into the river. My heart was pounding.
This is the image that I shot 15 minutes after that encounter. I took all the adrenaline that was going through me and focused on the image. That is why I shoot photos. It is it is my release otherwise I would have everything bottled up inside me and I would explode.
This is one of the first images I shoot using the last bit of sunlight. This is my favorite light to work with. I have heard it called "quite light", which is a fitting name for this.
I look at the LA river as one of the most beautiful galleries in the world. For one the setting is one of a kind and I have never seen anything like it. All the art that is created in here is done for free; no one is getting paid to do this. Its not hanging it some gallery were only rich people can own it. You have to respect the fact that someone would be willing to go to jail or worse to create a piece on a wall . I have way more respect for all these pieces now after going through what I did to shoot them. When I speak about the release from my day to day struggles, this is a way for others to release their energy too. People look at this river as a sewer that runs through a city. I see something different . I can see the beauty that has drawn all these urban artists to this spot.

I wanted to get a photo of us sitting in the river So we all held still for 30 sec as the sutter stayed open exposing our images next to this wall of art. In this photo from right to left. Me, Jordan and Andre. We sit woudering what the rest of thee night well bring.

This is a photo of me scrambling to put my camera in my back pack . I had the camera set up for a shot and we heard voice yelling down at us from the bridge above. They were letting us know what gang they were claiming. At that point we knew it was time to go.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here is a look at an on going portrait project I have been working on. I shot these photo during the Sep art walk. The best part about this project is I don't eave have to leave my building to get these photos. I would like to thank every one for letting me shoot them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #12

As the story unfold the beauty begins to revile its self. I shot all these images yesterday it was one of those days were everything just worked out. Every corner I turned there was an amazing photo to be taken. The first image is an important one to me I had been looking for this shot for 2 years. I all ways wanted a shoot for my house of the city were the freeway leads straight in to the city . I have shot many different versions of this photo but it was never what I was looking for. I finally found it. I’m Going to shoot this one again tonight I think it might be even better at sun set. I will show you what I get tomorrow.

The city watching the game from the back ground. Dodger Stadium.
Sunset shot from East LA.
The building braking through the fences that try to confine it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

San Diego ASR _after party

This weekend I was at the ASR trade show were I met up with my friends for a party after the Forum movie primer. The movie was awesome by the way. I wanted to see what other people’s perspectives was so I passed my camera around. My friend Saori end up with the camera and took 90% of these photos. I love the way she sees things. When l looked at the photos I felt as if I was not even at the same party. This is a photo of Saori and I before she went on here photo mission. Thank you for the amazing photos of our crazy friends.