Monday, December 29, 2008

I all ways laugh when i look at it

While looking through my archives I came across this photo. It brought back some good memories. It was one of the first photos I shot when I arrived in LA 5 years ago. The story behind this one is, I was at this party and met someone that was going to be a big influence in my life. I had no idea at the time that Hunter would become on of my best friends. We got to talking, and I told him I moved to LA to further my photography career, and he said we should get together. In my head I thought ya right this guy is b.s.-ing me. I got a call from him two days later he said we should shoot.  I asked "What, when, and were?" and he replied, "now". So I grabbed my camera and lights I went down to this hamburger place on Santa Monica blvd in Hollywood. On the way I realized I had no idea what I was shooting. When I arrived no one was there I called him and asked were are you? I'm across the street working on a movie. I was about to get my first lesson about living in LA: you have to be able to multi task. He came over on his lunch brake with a beautiful blond. We talked for a few minutes about how we should  shoot her and put her up on the counter. Right then the owner came out and told us we can't be here with out a permit. Hunter went and talked with him came back with some fries. He said everything was all good. I have no idea what he said but I was starting to realize he was a genius. In the mean time a man had come up and ordered some food. We looked over I picked up my camera and shot a photo. This one photo symbolizes LA to me in so many ways. I all ways laugh when I look at it.


t mez said...

ha, dude's like, "gaaadayum she fine"

Chrisp Photog said...

Oh snap this is that chick we met at that bar where the hot dog kids are always at.