Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finding Inspiration/ John Jackson/Forum

 I often wonder what goes through someone's mind when they're snowboarding. How do they decide what line they're going to take to get down the mountain? Is this the same process we use to guide ourselves through life? I think we take our past experiences from childhood, our spiritual beliefs, our friends, family ect., and subconsciously let them guide us through life. I asked John, "Where do find your inspiration for snowboarding?" He told me that he finds it in nature. I shot these photos for an up coming interview he has in Transworld Snowboarding. I wanted to go deeper that just randomly shooting cool photos with no meaning. I shoot John with the things that inspire him to do what he does. I feel if we surround ourselves with the things that we love, they will guide us down the amazing  path we call life. 


t mez said...

that fishing shot is f'in dope!

StevenBrown said...

Growing up with e-jack and John Jackson in Mono County we were very lucky to have lots of nature around to enjoy and feed off!