Saturday, January 10, 2009

Man vs. Wild / John Jackson

Whenever I watch that TV show Man vs. Wild, it always makes me laugh. That show is so fake. If the producers saw the things we do on a daily basis they would trip. It makes that show look fun, not like a survivor  show. Sometimes we are so far in the backcountry on our snowmobiles, that if something were to happen no one would ever be able to find us. The friends you start your day trip with are going to be the people you depend on to save your life if some thing goes wrong. That reminds me... we did bring a guy into the backcountry that was working on a TV show. He wanted to see what we did and film it for a few days. At the end of the first day he came stumbling back to the parking lot looking like he was nearly dead. His exact words were, "This is inhumane." We just laughed at him and said, "See you here at 5am tomorrow." 

Location: Whistler BC
John: Warming up a gas station sandwich for dinner.


StevenBrown said...

I know what you’re talking about, because I have an inside source says on Man vs. Wild at the end of the day they all go stay in a hotel. I have ventured 30 miles on my sled to snowboard untracked snow depending on my friends with my life, and I even forgot water. I happen to wreck my sled this day putting me on a bad trip. We had to pull my sled the whole 30 miles back to the trailer. I wasn't going to just turn around and go home, because the next was going to be blue bird. So I doubled on a sled 30 miles back out in BFE 5:00 am just to get the shot, and I did remember water this day. Snowboarders will do whatever it takes out in the wild just to make that turn, bomb off that one cliff. We are diehard creatures, ready for or next challenge. I am Blue I am You I am Steven Brown

COLE said...

yupppp... the mission... sometimes for nothing.. sometimes you come back with the goods.. so many variables, such little time, no schedule. your crew and you are on a mission- to get it done.