Thursday, February 19, 2009

Falling Cornice : Pat Moore/Eddie Wall/ Nathan Yant/ Ian Ruhter

Today was another interesting day in the back country. We had to drop a thousand pound cornice in order to have Pat Moore jump 50 feet to rocks. The snow in Tahoe is not typical Tahoe snow. It's  like Colorado snow but with no base. Everything you jump off of, you go straight through the landing and hit rocks. I feel like the world has been testing me the past week. I have been on location for two weeks and I have been faced with some crazy situations. I guess this is just my job at the moment. This week can not be for real. I feel like this is the set of a realty show. The messed up thing about it is this is for real and not a fake Hollywood story. 

Could you imagine if this would have landed on someone?


Zak.Shelhamer said...

so sketchy right now, my roommate was out shooting and one broke about 5 feet away from him that ended taking out some pretty big trees.

custom essay writing service said...

it's just awesome!! just looks at all this snow - outstanding!! can't even imagine nothing better