Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taking a mental vacation

I love this street (.N. Olvera St Los Angeles, CA 90012) Whenever I find my self needing a mental vacation I always end up here. LA can get stressful so you have to find spots like these to get away from it. The best part is you feel like you’re on a vacation in Mexico. ” Olvera Street is in the oldest part of and is part of the El Pueblo de Los Angles Historic Monument. Many Latinos refer to it as "La Placita Olvera." Circa 1911 it was described as Sonora Town.

Having started as a short lane, Wine Street, it was extended and renamed in honor of Agustín Olvera, a prominent local judge, in 1877. There are 27 historic buildings lining Olvera Street, including the Avila Adobe, the Pelanconi House and the Sepulveda House. In 1930, it was converted to a colorful Mexican marketplace. If you ever end up in LA you have to make a trip here. Pelanconi House has the best Mexican food ever!

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kandee johnson said...

i love this place...this is like a cyber-postcard of vacation-ness! I love the picture with the eagle in it