Saturday, September 5, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #5

As I was walking the streets of Down Town LA looking for this club that my friends had been telling I would love to shoot at I was thinking there is no way there is any there is thing on this street. The street was dark and there were just a few people sleeping on the sidewalks. We arrive at a random door there is a guy out front and my friend tells him a password. He opens the door. As we walked up the stairs this was the first person I saw. I was like dam were are my friends taking me. We got to the top of the stairs and a few words were exchanged and he let us pass we were in. I told my friend Jordan we got to go shoot that guy. He worked it out and I went back down the stairs and I recreated what it was like my first time coming up these stair.

I wanted to get a portrait of him after seeing the Jordon’s on his feet come on how could I not. We talked for a few after I shoot he was telling me how he lost his job because of the economy and how he was going to start up his own business in stead of working for these companies that will just let you go at any time. We got in to a deep conversation. He even gave me some tips on my business my thoughts were this is one very intelligent person. One of the last things he said was how god was taking care of him in these hard times. I felt the same way. Its amazes me how photography can open up doors and allows you to get to know people that you may never have talked with other wise.

This is my friend Kyley she is all ways full of energy and dancing every were I see here. I was not sure what to think of here when I first met her within minutes her personality won me over. She is awesome. All the photo labeled (Down Town LA project 1-5) were shoot in this club check it out.

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pinkcherrymama said...

so true are so blessed to have the talent you have behind the lens and to be able to see and accept people beyond what the camera captures is an even bigger blessing!