Thursday, October 8, 2009

Behind the Scenes : Special Blend Catalog Shoot

I'm shooting down in Costa Mesa, Ca this week for the Special Blend, Forum, and Foursquare catalogs. The past two days we have been shooting Special Blend. I've been working with my friend and graphic designer, John Alvino and we've come up with some great concepts and shot ideas. Sometimes it's hard to conceptualize before a shoot and you just have to figure things out when you get there, especially when you're doing things that haven't really been done before. When you have an idea in your head that there isn't a lot of reference for, it's especially hard to convey to others what you're thinking until it's actually put together and they can see it. When you finally have shots in hand, it's great to see how everyone in your crew helped make the vision a possibility. This shoot in particular used some tricky lighting and wouldn't have been possible without my good friend and lighting specialist, Mark McClanahan.

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Nanette said...

I live in Costa Mesa. Can I come and watch. I would never get in the way. I don't even have to say a word, I can be like a fly on the wall. Where will you be shooting at? Great work!