Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #17

The third time is a charm they say. I have shot this photo 3 times now. After the first time I shoot here I was supper stoked on the photo but I felt like it needs some thing more. The first photo is shot with a black sky and the city. My problem is any one could go there and shoot the same exact photo. By being patient and waiting to reshot on a day with weather give this photo a unique signature no one can replicate the cloud in the new photo. The city and the road will be there night after night but the cloud was only there for a half hr. My point is don’t ever settle or sell your self short .If you thing you can do something better then at least try. In life I see people just saying that’s good enough. We should be able to stand tall and say I gave it my all. I don’t want to look back at my like and say I could of tried harder. By then it will be to late.


My third try and final image#3

My first try image #1


Anonymous said...

third try was well worth it ey, good job.

The Beauty Thesis said...

Great shots Ian, you see what my eyes cannot. x

Dan said...

Ian, I'm a fan of your work. What lens did you use for this shot?

mariah said...

this is a kind of photograph I would like to put on my wall in the living room and watch it instead of TV. Kisses from Croatia, Opatija. Tea

yes. said...

Awesome shot!!