Sunday, November 22, 2009

Enabled Project

I’m speechless! My friend Kandee Johnson asked to do a video about the Enabled Project. The response has been unreal. She is a guiding light that shines thought the darkness.

Thank you,



kandee johnson said...

thank you, Ian, for capturing these images...and telling these stories to inspire the world...
I know how much this means to you...and now it will mean so much to everyone else, too!!!

For your soul:) said...

Truly wonderful, and the kids are so brave. I am sitting in Norway...thinking can i get involved????
You do amazing work...GO IAN:)
Have a wonderful day, SP

Patricia said...

What a wonderful project! I am a fan of Kandee's and just love her good heart and good energy. It is great to see your talent and the way you "see" things expressed through your photography and this project.

amanda said...

Being able to call myself a friend of both of you is such a blessing. I am so proud of you both. Ian when you started this project a few years ago, I never dreamed you would take it to where it is now. You have such an amazing heart, and talent to match. I think everyone on You Tube can see how sweet and talented miss Kandee is, but not everyone knows what a truly wonderful person you are. You took " Go big or go home " off the mountain, and applied it to your work and your soul.

Minibike said...

So cool Ian and Kandee! Can't wait to see the show + book