Monday, November 9, 2009

My greatest contribution to snowboarding

These photos are my greatest contribution to snowboarding. I’m very proud of them out of all the submission to snowboard magazines this one is my favorite. One of the reasons I am so fond of then is because thet have a message in them. It is very subtle but that’s the way I like things. They represent what we are doing to the environment. This is one of the most important issues of our times. We are slowly destroying the earth the thing that keeps us alive. That is just a crazy thought to me. How is it possible that we consume so much stuff? The leaders of our planet encourage consumption. Or society is based around this concept. Why do the products we by only last for six mounts? My thoughts are that recycling is important but it is miss leading. Now I’m suppose to feel ok with thronging thousands of plastic bottles away? The fact is we have to stop consuming as a planet. I feel like the earth is a living organism and we are a cancer killing it.

There is a 5 minuet video that goes with this project it tell the story a little bit better .You can get it from I Tunes for $5. Any time I can contribute some good to this word I take advantage of it.

This is not your typical environmental project it is not come guys eating granola trying to save the earth that is not my style. I want to paint a very graphic picture of what we are doing. At the sane time I wanted it to apply to a young audience who are snowboarders. The youth is the future and I feel like if I can plant a seed now maybe it can grow in time. These kids will be running things in time. We all know the people doing it now are not doing that good of a job.

This project was made possible by Forum ,Transworld snowboarding mag and the efforts of so so many people thank you for being a part of this.


kandee johnson said...

this is way beyond snowboarding...I've never seen things like this on a shoot...amazing!

For your soul:) said...

I am so with you Mr Ruther.
I 2 think we are consuming a lot more then we really have to...
That is why i started my monthly project.
Personally i have decided to stop consuming...
Food is pretty much the only thing i buy at the me i have to much stuff that i never use or see....
Sorry this comment was long.....i am with you:)
Have a good day, SP

sarah EYK said...

an amazing shoot ian!
the concept is very universal, but bringing it to the snowboarding community was a new way to show it.
always great job.
-sarah eyk

Dan said...

Your photography is amazing, and I love the message, but the terrible writing detracts from the power of your work! In all seriousness, the entire first paragraph on this page needs to be re-written to remove the spelling errors, the run-on sentences, and the fragments. This is the internet - your written words are your voice, and no matter how excellent your pictures are, if the narration becomes distracting your work can never realize its full potential. Get somebody to look over your writing before you post it!

kandee johnson said...

DAN, just so you know, Ian didn't write the run-on sentences, I did. I went over it for him, so if you want to blame anyone...blame me.
I was never a fan of English rules...I like run-on sentences...using ...'s instead of periods...and I think the occasional imperfect spelling, reminds you that this is real, and some assistant isn't typing up crisp, perfect blogs...
It's the stutters, and imperfections in life, that make it beautiful!
So here's to everyone that has imperfect spelling and grammar...the love of communication is all that matters!