Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forum 2010 season

This has been a crazy year all ready and i just started. I am shooting snowboarding again for Forum Snowboards like I do every winter but this one is off to a slow start. It is Jan 26 and I just got my first shoot. By now I should have a ton of photos and have traveled the word with there team. The snow has not been that good on top of that there has been a lot of injuries this season all ready. I think we are over the hump now it is time to get down to business. Here are some outtakes from our first 2 days in the backcountry. I can’t show all of them yet the mags would fire me. Ha-ha

John Jackson and Jake Welch get ready to head out on our first day. Look how much snow is in the trees. So sick

John and his truck I wall way hated driving my sled up that ramp. One time I all most flipped it off the side of the truck.

Look at Jake’s engagement ring he is probably thinking about his lady Torah.

John J taking a warm up run. Fun
Jake having fun in the 4 feet of new snow.

This is a test shot to see how the lights look. I think I may of got a cover my first day shooting. imagine this photo wit a snowboarder in it. Word
It was snowing so had at the end of the day. Every time i would pull out my camera there would be a inch of snow on it. I don't think cannon recommends you do that with the 5D camera I use.


Andi Elloway said...

you need a water housing for that shit!!!

Trina S. said...

like what your showing! NIce shots!

Francey said...

Ian, I came across your blog a few months ago and wanted to say that you have some SERIOUS talent! Holy cow! I LOVE coming to your blog and seeing you latest project. Keep it up, man!