Saturday, January 2, 2010

LAndscape project 2010#3

Once in a blue Moon

It’s the start of a new year 2010! When was a young boy (8 years old) I thought the year 2010 was going to be some thing crazy. My thoughts were cars would be flying and we would be living like the jettisons. I also remember wondering what I was going to be when I grew up. There were 3 jobs I was stoked on a Fire Fighter, Scientist, and an Artiest. Fire was my first love. I don’t know how my house did not burn down. I was all ways lighting stuff on fire. I would make bond fires in my back yard my sister told me she could see the flames from her friends house. School was not my favorite thing the way things were thought just did not click with me. From the age of 8 in tell high school I would only go to school 2 or 3 days a week. For some reason I all was loved math and science. My second cousin is a physics teacher I use to ask him question and talk about science all the time. Then he got me a chemistry set and mad science projects went down. That was the best thing ever. Maybe that’s why I like Einstein so much. Art was contently around me because of my mom. I grew up looking at vogue magazines the photos were so amazing. Looking back on my child hood it make sense that I do what I do. In some way or another as a photographer I do all three.

This mount was a blue Moon. I shoot this photo a cave rock in Lake Tahoe I am very up set with my self over this one. It looks ok for the blog but it is a little soft (the Focus). You cant just re shoot things like this because the moon is only full every 28 days.
Red Lakes 1:45 am
Silver Lake 11:00 pm
This project is going to be very difficult. I am not getting the photos I'm looking for and messing thing up doesn't help ether. I only have so many chances it on now!!!


kandee johnson said...

breathtaking....your words about your careers and what you wanted to do....are so real...and so beautifully are a mad scientist, mathematician, and amazing artist!

Cheech said...

your sharing your love of fire with the world! every photo so far from your landscape project has set my heart on fire!! =) Happy New Year!

Kyle Dunn said...

dont give up dude! the ones you have already look AMAZING. If you get shots that are even better i will probably poop my pants!

Andi Elloway said...

i love the lake one. the water looks so badass