Monday, January 18, 2010

Syracuse NY

Some times wish I could fly. I was in Syracuse NY to shoot snowboarding and there was no snow. It rained the day before we showed up. While we were driving around looking for snow I keep seeing all these birds every were . Some how I ended up shooting a photo essay on birds. It’s kind of cool I hope you like it.

Double click on photos to see them bigger


Angel said...

They are cool!

Irina said...

I took the 2nd picture for my desctop. It looks great with my grey steel macbookpro.

Irina said...

about Kandee...I'm so sad for her.

I'm thinking why it happened?

Maybe she is trying to be so much positive so life tried to balance it with negative...

live gives us many lessons to make us stronger.
when we get the lessons right way, we jump one step higher.

I belive her problems will be solved soon!
She is a perfect person.