Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whistler BC Canada… I have never see any thing like this!

Today was one of the best days of my life. In one afternoon I saw every spectrum of light every season spread across the most beautiful mountains in the world. The weather was crazy with in 30 minutes it would change. It went from snowing to sun and some times it was sunny and snowing.

I was standing on a ridge waiting for the light to come on to a snowboard jump we want to shoot. In that time I watched the same seen change over and over again. I thought I was looking at a painting it did not look real.

These mountains are so big it was over whelming. I watched the clouds over take a whole mountain range with in minutes. Here I am standing on a ridge watching a wall of clouds concurring these mountains. I felt very small at this point. I also felt like I was part of some thing so big.

The clouds push forward rising from the valley the wind shot up under the clouds separating them from this peek.

The snow started falling so hard and the sun was still shining trough.

20 minutes later it cleared. This is what was revealed . I look at life like this when there is crazy weather in your life and you can’t see 5 feet in front of you. when you start to think there is no way you will get through it. That is when I remember this seen. The beauty is out there you just have to believe its there and you will make it through it.

Like clock work the clouds rolled back in. amazing!

I waited all day to see this mountain it is my favorite on. It raveled it self in the sunset for me. What a day!


Josie B said...
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COLE said...

big son! sick snowing one! dope lil series

Yevgeniya said...

Soooo beautiful !!!!!!!!!

jussi grznar said...

yeah ruth ... stokked to be part of it ...

Cam said...

I shred & shoot this area on a regular and the landscape in combination with the crazy weather always amazes me. However to hear and see someone elses stoke on this incredible place reminds me just how lucky I am to live and shred here. Sometimes I also forget to stop and look around like I used to, So thankyou for re stoking my fire.

ps. you are also a sick photographer, one of my favourites
Keep killing it!

DaveShort said...

Those ChocoBowl spines are fairly unbeatable. They look glorious, nice work.
I have a shot riding those spines on my blog, too fun!