Friday, May 28, 2010

Wet plate collodin 8x10 camera

 These are from my third session with the wet plate collodion process. I finally got to use my 8x10 camera the results are insane. I’m so excited on the out come. If you look close you start to see all the in perfections that the beauty of the process. These are one of a kind images. Let see my cannon 5 D do this. Haha.

I'm slowly getting better at this. I still have to fine tune my work but I'm very happy with these photos.
Image#1: Austen Sweetin  8x10 wet plate collodin
Image#1: niko cioffi  8x10 wet plate collodin


Alison said...

Love your work Ian...thats a real cool technique..just started to use a 1950's Clack camera myself

Brian 'Spoo' Spour said...

Cool pics!!!

Anonymous said...


San said...

Hahaha, there is nothing better than going back to analog. I've started to use film again and it's so much more fun and authentic. And in my opinion the pictures look a lot better than everything digital.
I'd like to go back in the dark room too, just don't have the time or equipment yet.

Try shooting against the sun. I've realized that film is much better for this than digital. Would be interesting to see how your wet plate pictures come out.

Love these shots.