Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wet plate collodin- stealing people souls

 They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. When I was focusing my camera on Mario Kappeli eyes I felt like I could see in side his soul. I have never experienced any thing like that. My 8x10 camera is a very a special camera. It is by far the best camera I have ever used it feels kind of magical when I use it. Maybe that’s why people use to say photos would steal peoples souls. I don’t feel like im steeling them more like im showing the world what the look like. This is a 3 second exposure using the wet plate collodin presses. Shoot on location in Palm Springs.


Anonymous said...

That´s a awesome picture! I like it very much! His face tell me so many storys, just wow!

Love Catty

PS: Your pictures are all really great. Love to watch them!

RezaMatix said...

great photo!

Anonymous said...

I feel like he is staring into my soul! Great work!

My Wacky Friends said...

It will not really have success, I feel this way.