Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wet Plate Collodion Department of Transportation

So after having a couple real lucky chance encounters with subjects on Los Angeles Street, I had some downtime and decided to grab a quick streetscape. I set up the camera and was in the darkroom preparing the plate while rapping with James about wanting to shoot more blue collar when he’s all “dude come out here you’re not gonna believe this”. I re-emerged with a wet plate and look out on the street to see a city bus had pulled up and the driver was getting out like she had an appointment to get her picture taken. I walk out to the street, meet Dora, ask her if she’d stand still for a photo, turn the camera, load the ready cartridge and snap the plate. Unreal.

Dora is a genuinely good natured person and she's very kind. She is just the kind of person you’d want to interact with everyday if you were on her route. Luckily she had to hold up her bus till other lines went by so she could pick up the stragglers and she just happened to pull up right to me. Dora see’s thousands of faces everyday, has plenty of stories/smiles to share and she’s really into photography. It turns out her son is pretty talented. Though I’m not really at liberty to get into details: If you live in LA you have definitely seen his work. 

Location: Los Angeles Street
Photo: Dora (click image to enlarge)