Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Polaroid Land Camera Thought Process

 The past 4-week I have take a brake from shooting in Los Angles. I was sent away on job to shoot an editorial piece in New Zealand I will post some photos soon. At this point I have so many photos that I cant even get too. I would say I have over 500 Polaroid’s that I need to scan. The moment I got back all I wanted to do was walk the streets out side my place. I have been wandering the street working out a new project in my head. I’m in the beginning stages of a new photo project involving Wet Plate Process. Between the chemistry, engineering and creative aspects im losing my mind. The only thing that seems to help I walking around and shooting photos. I guess im searching for inspiration.

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homework help said...

why in Black&white?? last pic in the color looks so adorable for example. I'm sure all other will be looking the same