Friday, September 3, 2010

Fleet Jewelry shoot

 I recently did a shoot with my good friends Lauren Graham and Kate powers for their jewelry line Fleef.  Lauren has been a good friend of mine for many years so I was stoked to work with them on this project. It also helps when you like the product; Kate makes all the jewelry by hand. The new pieces in their line are out of control I don’t know how she doses it but i’m very inspired by the works she created.

                     Jenny Sirney getting her make up did up. The only think missing is Kandee J. Haha

                                                 Jenny waiting to be shoot at our first location.

                                           Lauren Graham with all kinds of people working on her.  

                                          Jordan Thomas and Violet with the sun blasting in the eyes

     My right hand man Mark McClanahan helping me with another shoot on his day off. Thanks homie.

Kate power off to the right giving direction for the next shot

Walking the tracks

          These are so random photos from the shoot that I captured with my Polaroid camera. Thanks every one that was fun.

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Chris Snyder said...

the last shots amazing