Saturday, November 27, 2010

Google your self with a hit

Black Friday filled the street of the fashion district with people searching for barrens. I found myself looking for moments. I ended up getting more than I bargained for.

(Dubbed click to enlarge)

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Anonymous said...

Just checked out your site following the Kandee Johnson shoot. You have some unbelievably great pictures. I have a niece who is 17 and is an aspiring photographer. She does some very good scenary shots and self-portaits, she is working on her skills at shooting people. I cannot decide if I should send her your website or not. She is still not convinced that she has talent, so while I find your work inspiring, I am concerned she would say "I'll never be that good", and get discouraged. It is a fineline, and I must give it more thought. She does like snow boarding (small inclines) so that might catch her interest. As far as your "Google yourself...." pictures, I have a little trouble with them. Even though I do wear glasses, they don't always give me what I would like! I recognize that the pictures themselves are a little out of focus, but unfortunately too much for me to appreciate your art in that situation.

It is a total fluke that I am a Fan of Kandee, I am not big into make up, and definitely not into Glamour, but a friend of a friend linked us up, and I truly enjoy Kandee's uplifting notes and videos. I know she gets a fair amount negative press, but she simply brings a smile or a laugh to my face - which is a very good thing! And now, through Kandee, I am fortunate enough to have found you and your art - which is also a good thing!

I have checked off to join the Ian Ruhter Photography Facebook page, as well as asking "to be your Friend", on what appears to be a more personal site, and the one your website directed me to. Maybe the first is not supported by you, and I should "Unlike" it - what would you say?

Thank you for taking time to read this lengthy comment, and for sharing your art with everyone.

Regards, Patricia