Thursday, December 16, 2010


  I started taping all theas Polaroid’s to my hotel room window so see what I had shoot so far on my trip to Quebec. After a few of them were up I realized  it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I'm going to do some thing insane with this concept when I get some more to work with.


Kyle Dunn said...

fuck dude. your polaroids are sick as fuck! individually and all together on the window like that! keep it up i wanna see where you take it

Jarem Frye said...

Crazy thought Ian... I don't know a lot about wet plate photography, but could you do multiple wet plate photos on one huge piece of glass? I imagine it would take some innovation of the equipment but I just picture an installment of 1/2 inch thick pains of glass the size of that window with several photos developed right on it. It would be something totally new and modern done with an old world method. I would be so fascinated to see your work and all it's variety on one wall of glass like that! And then six walls of glass like that or something to that effect.