Friday, December 9, 2011

San Francisco Wet plate Art Show

 After a year of hard work we are finally ready to have an art show. This will be a traveling show with stops through the US and Canada. Our first stop is in San Francisco. If you’re in the San Francisco area come by and join us at 111 Minna Art Gallery @ 9pm on Dec-17-2011. I hope you enjoy the work

The Wet Plate Project will then travel to the following cities across North America and into a shop near you. Please stay tuned to for more details as they arise.

Cleveland, OH
Denver, CO
Seattle, WA
Whistler, BC
Montreal, QC
Burlington, VT


kandee johnson said...

that is amazing!!!!

Gianyar Bali said...

I'm away from us and Canada, I wish the art show a huge success

JeezoPeezo said...

Yo.... When are you coming to Denver?


a_cynical_place said...

If your going to Cleveland, you should swing through Pittsburgh. It's a hidden photography gem, and we would be honored to have you.

Anonymous said...

This is so irresponsible! Letting toxic chemicals (you are wearing a freaking hazmat suit) to run to the ground in our national parks!

Rocio Bursik said...

love your work !!!

Bill Bee said...

Amazing stuff. Wish Philly was on the list. Maybe ill try and bet to Burlington. Great work. Inspiring

Anonymous said...

As a photographer who is recovering of open heart surgery, watching your work with large wet plates was both motivating and uplifting. This gave me something I was in short supply of right now. Thanks.
Paul Joranstad
Federal Way, Washington