Saturday, September 26, 2009

My 13th Transworld Cover

I when I started shooting snowboarding I never could have imagined having 13 Transworld covers! I'm Stoke I had the opportunity to work with Pat Moore This year. It is all ways nice to see your hard work pay off.
No only did pat get the cover but the he an amazing interview as well in this months Transworld. Pat is one of the most talented kids in snowboarding right now. In the years to come I'm sure we will see Pat develop in to one of the grates snowboarders off all times.
I would like to thank every one that helped make this happen.
Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful images! Congratulations, Ian! That is so awesome!

Soul and Law. said...

I tried Snowboarding in Norway once, it was hard:)
Gorgeous magazine cover, reminds me of "my" mountains.
From Norway, have a nice day, Sp

kandee johnson said...

some people collect comics while you collect covers!