Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art_walk_september_09 #3

This one raps up the portrait series that I was working on from the are walk. I gave a brief deception about each photo people all ways ask how i do it. I'm not the best righter but here we go.
What make this photo for me is her braces. I remember asking her if she would give me a half smile so I could see them but I wanted to keep it subtle. It gave the photo an innocent feeling.
This is an interesting one I remember looking at the black power tattoo on the arm while I was shooting him. I asked him to grab his hat so the tattoo would be visible in the photo with out asking it I could shoot it directly. I did not want the attention to be drawn to the tattoo. This photo is about him.
One of my friend asked this man if he want his photo taken he rolled up and I shoot this single image a he left. I don't think he was to stoked on the idea. I still like this one. There a strong felling there for sure.
I shot this women by here self I knew the photo were not turning out that well but i just keep shooting to try to get people comfortable. I told her I was stoked and asked he if she wanted to try some ting new. She brought her son and dog it brought the photo to life.
These guys were supper easy to shoot. I only took a few frames and I knew i had gotten what I wanted.
This is just a interesting one I'm not sure how it worked out. They just started doing stuff and I just shoot photos with no direction. Sometime you just have to let thing unfold and document it.
I was shooting this girl and her friend. The friend was uncomfortable and keep asking what should I do. I keep trying to direct her and it was not working. So I gave her my camera and said her you shot. I ran back and and jumped in the frame she shot a single image witch is this photo and we switched back. Every one starting laughing it changed the mood. I love how surprise she is.


Princess of Soul and Law. said...

You shoot some amazing photos:)
Have a gorgeous day!
From Norway, Bye SP

pinkcherrymama said...

i love the last one with you in it. very cute :)

tbot said...

Way badass

Andi Elloway said...

This tone is growing on me so much.

thatgirlsophy said...

omg your photos are amazing! what camera do you use?

Amanda said...

These photos are awesome - they tell many a story : )

P.S. I've been following your blog since discovering you through Kandee - keep up the amazing work!

geli-pet said...

Love the photos :D

What's the best camera for someone starting out? around $1000, I hope.