Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #3

Her are some more shot from the club. I love to capture images from a driftnet perspective them what eye would normally see. To me these shoes are sizing up the dance floor and preparing to tear it apart.

I all was wonder if I can tell what the person look likes by there shoes? In this case it would be how bad are they going to break you heat. Here are two the of tree heart barkers dancing the night away.

I love this one. Look at how much fun these guys are having. Then there is the white guy on the side covering his face to try to stay out of the photo. My friend Jordan asked him to move and he would not. I was bummed to have him in it at first. I figured I would crop him out later. Now I look at it and its perfect I love the contrast it gives the photo.


kandee johnson said...

this is so funny! you are a funny writer too!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your style!

pinkcherrymama said...

i LOVE the shoes :) and the last one is awesome! can i be your blog editor?