Thursday, September 3, 2009

Down Town, LA _Project 09 #4

Right as I walked in to this club this band was playing they had a supper good vibe and started scrambling to get my camera set up. It is a woman singer, which is my favorite so I was supper stoke. She sounded like Peaches a bit. I wish I knew their band name. I will figure it out so I can add a link.

Home girl rocking the join.

There was amazing light all around me I basically just turned around and shoot this photo of the crowd.

This was the second band that played they were awesome as well. The red and blue light make this photo. For some reason people started clearing out a path so I could get this shoot from the crowd. That was a trip random people started helping me capture these images. That is some thing that dose not happen that often it was amazing.


pinkcherrymama said...

i wish i could take lessons from you..." how to photograph the simple pleasures in life 101"

kandeejohnson said...

man..this looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

Maureen said...

You have an amazing way of capturing everything. It not only is the eye and what you visualize, but capturing on film. Keep it up and thanks Kandee for mentioning kids rock!