Saturday, December 26, 2009

Landscape project 2010

I have been thinking about doing this one for a few years. When I started shooting photo I was living in Lake Tahoe so landscape photography was a big influence on me. In order for me to get my first good camera I had a job were I was a bar back at a casino. I would get off work at 1 am and the only time I had to shoot was in the night. I basically taught my self how to shot at night. I would drive out in to the woods and use the moonlight to expose my images. This opened a door for me 10 years ago that I am now ready to enter now. I am going to shoot night landscape but what’s deferent about what im going to do now vs. then is technology. I will also be shooting time lapse of the landscape I shoot. I will be shooting the photographs on film this will give me a multi media project. On my way to Tahoe I scouted out some location and shoot photos in the day for reference this is one of the images. Under the light of the moon the photo will be amazing I cant wait.

This is one of my First night landscape photos.


conk said...

Awesome idea, night photography can be sureal when you understand the mechanics and use them to your advantage. With a 10x ND you can work in the fringes of daylight. Anthony Ghiglia, surf photog, shoots some real cool long exposure environmentals...maybe check out his photog site. Lookin forward to seeing what you come up with next .

Anonymous said...

Absolutely breathtaking. Can't wait to see what's to come.

kandee johnson said...

ian....these are so "heart-stoppingly" beautiful!