Thursday, December 17, 2009


The enabled art exhibit was a success. I want to thank every one involved. Kyle Morrison donated all the prints for this project @ they looked amazing. My friend Tim Pear @ flew down to do all the retouching be basically was the reason I had an art show. He helped out so much along with Kyle Norman, Kyle McCoy and jorik Blom. Adni Elloway @ hooked up the enabled web site in two day it was amazing. Jon Alvino @ ply did all the graphic design work. Kandee Johson @ worked on the PR part of things so many people showed up because of her. Cary, Ander and Jordy worked with me every day to make sure every thing got taken care of I started losing my mind and they keep things rolling. Paula Rosales edited all the video. Lawrence Lim and mark Mc Callahan hooked up the lighting witch was one of my favorite parts. Friends Travis Wood donated money out of no were I received a check from him it helped out a lot. There were so many more people that contributed to the success of this exhibit it is nice to know you have friends when you need them. This was my first art show it and was mind blowing the response that I got from this. It also touched people and may have changed some lives for the better. I’m all ready planning the next one I have two projects in the works.

I will post pictures from enabled project art exhibit in the show next post.


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kandeejohnson said...

thank YOU! IT was an honor to be a part of your show....