Monday, June 14, 2010

wet plate collodin Los Angles some thing crazy

 Some thing crazy happened in the development with this photo. I think some of the chemical I use went bad. I am really stoked on the way it came out any way. This is a one of a kind photo I have never shot or seen any thing like it. 
Photo: Erica Baier, LA,Ca
Yesterday was just an average day in Los Angeles sunny sky’s like it is for the most part every day. I went down from my loft to the streets to shoot some photos. I would never shoot at 1 pm in the summer because the light is so bright and it just looks bad. But with this process I got amazing results. My friend Erica was riding up to the building I stopped her for a photo. I only took two photos and both came out good. With digital photography I have to shoot so many frames just to get one good image. When I shoot with my 8X10 camera it slows the whole process down. By the time I get every thing ready it seams like the person is relaxed and use to being in front of the camera. Digital you just turn it on and start shooting the first 30 frames look like a dear in the headlights.
                                                            photo:Erica Baier, LA,Ca


I wanted to capture reflection of the building in Anna’s sunglasses but it just didn’t work out so i thought . I was looking for a sharp image I have shot so many photos like this with my digital camera. When I got home I had another look at it I started to really like it. The softness of it is so different for what I usually get. I started doing this so I could get photos that are unique. Things seam going that way so far im stoke!
Photo: Anna Phillips, LA,Ca


Brian 'Spoo' Spour said...

cool pics again Ian keep shooting this way it's so myself a 1950's Clack Camera which I'm going to shoot with 120/400 b&w...been told it'll been really grainy, can't wait to see, will post...

lacheraqui said...

saw you shooting yesterday...what a beautiful camera! and i love the results.