Friday, June 18, 2010

wet plate collodion parking lady

This is one of the first people I see every day. She works the valet for my building. She is also the nicest lady I have ever meet. Before I start my day she is waiting there with kind words before she sends me driving off into this crazy world. I have been trying be more like her now that I have experienced the impact it has had on my day. I had my camera out and she was walking by after she got off work, I had to get a photo of her. To me this photo is worth than a shot of a celebrity. I never understood why people hold celebrities in such high regards. I was thinking about things the other day and I realized my life is like a real-life movie, based on a true story. These are the people that walk down my red carpet I stand on the side and shoot them as if I was the paparazzi. Think about whom your heroes are, the people who really matter, they are the ones we should get all excited about when we see them.

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pinkcherrymama said...

she is beautiful ian...i wish more people could see the true celebrity in the everyday people instead of putting so much attention and energy on the "famous". yet another inspiring post my friend :)