Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wet plate collodion Valerie Watson

This is one of my new favorites! I was setting up to shoot this man reading a book through a window right as I got ready to shoot him he moved. The thing about wet plate photography is once you get the plate ready it is wet sitting in a film holder. You then only have five minutes to shoot it and develop it or it will dry out. I’m sitting here with this plate in my hand thinking what am I going to do now. Out of no were Valerie Watson shows up it was perfect.  I asked her to stand in the middle of the sidewalk for a photo.  I ran back got my camera and then asked her to hold still for ten seconds. To ask some one to hold still for ten seconds free standing is quite a task. I can’t believe it worked out she is amazing and so is the photo. I love it when things work out like this to bad life could all ways be like this.
                                                            Photo: Valerie Watson
                                                            Location: Main st, LA, Ca

The hotel Cecil has so much history I had to shot it.  I have been told that in the 80 it was home to the night stalker (Richard Ramirez) who is a serial killer. I remember being very young and seeing the stories on the news. I was so sacred. To think I live on the same block now is a crazy thought.  
                                                                Location Main st LA,Ca


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