Thursday, July 8, 2010

wet Plate Collodion brothers

 I love my camera! It seams to have this power that draws people in. I had it set up to shoot photos on Los Angeles st I was trying to figure out what I want to shoot. All of a sudden the man on the right in this photo came up to me. He started asking questions about the camera. I knew what my next question was for him was. He said yes it would be cool if you shoot a of photo of me. He explained to me that my brother and I are working on the elevator in the building and it just couldn’t interfere with our work. I was stoked I have all ways liked blue-collar workers. I want to shoot a book about them one day. I caught up with them right as they were leaving and took this one photo. After I developed it I noticed something very cool. They are brothers but one is way more laid back. The other is standing proud with every thing in order. I love how it shows the differences in personalities.