Monday, July 12, 2010

wet Plate Collodion The Downtown Pirate "Ricky"

 I look at the downtown Pirate as a historic piece of Downtown Los Angeles. He’s been here for many many years.  The pirate seams to be every were if you live in this area you know who he is.  He has a very color full personality every time I see him he make me laugh. Late at night I can her his distinctive Arrrrrr from my window. I feel like this is his way of letting us all know he’s still here holding down the street. The  Pirate is a very important part of this new project I have been working on. The basis of the project is connections. I feel like everyone in DTLA is connected in one way or another. He is the link between skid row and the redeveloped parts of Downtown LA. I shot him, as the Pirate my next step is to shoot him as Ricky. I have invited rick up to my place for time to time so i can get to know him better. There is so much more to him that most people don’t get to see. I plan to go to his place and show the other side of him that is hidden by the Pirate and the arrrrrrr’s. 

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